Our Analytics Capabilities

Our Data and Analytics Products


INTEGRATE is our online platform connecting both upstream and downstream markets. It is equipped with numerous analytical tools to assist in making well informed decisions. It provides early warning system about emerging threats under various forecast scenarios. INTEGRATE is currently in the process of implementation.


FORECASTER is our data intensive market outlook product. The product comes in Excel dashboard with ten years market forecasts. It also provides short market commentary and forecasts assumption in a separate PDF file.


We provide some data in raw forms such as prices and trade statistics. Our prices are estimated from trade statistics and supported by market participants. Our trade data normally can go up to 6 digit HS-codes but for some regions and it can drill down up to 8 digit codes. In circumstances when actual trade statistics are not available we use mirror image report data.


These are our detailed and comprehensive product range providing market intelligence on producers/mills. The information includes mills locations, capacity by product, capacity by equipment and other key information.

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