Our Approach

Commodity Inside seeks to be innovative whilst undertaking consulting projects. We aim to deliver high value analysis to our clients and always think out of the box. We work to our clients’ specific requirements and adopt the following principles in our project approach:

Consultation and scoping

This is our first stage where we closely interact with our clients to establish their requirements and needs. After a series of dialogs we prepare a research proposal on the basis of our interactions. In the proposal we usually cover the following aspect of the project.

  • Introduction and background
  • Aims, objectives and overview of the project
  • Proposed scope of work
  • Methodology and approach
  • Project plan and project team
  • Deliverables and timing
  • Fees and charges
  • Confidentiality, disclaimer, copyrights etc

We do not charge at this stage.

Research and consulting

After commissioning we start working on the project by employing the following methodology.

  • Preliminary research and data collection
  • Exploring the in-house databases
  • Desktop research
  • Field research (if necessary)
  • Market analysis and assessment
  • Forecasting
  • Checking robustness of analysis and forecasts
  • Refining results

Draft report

On the basis of our robust findings we start writing down the report. Our editorial and quality control team will go through the draft report before submissions to the client. After submission we wait for the client feedback, upon which we issue the final report.


We usually present our findings in power point presentation. The analyses are usually supported by maps, graphs, flow charts and tables. The report will also be supported by Excel spreadsheet data and models if required.

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