Research and Consulting

Commodity Inside provides consulting services on a wide range of commodities and their end-use sectors. We help clients to discover the answers that matter to them most which can be through the entire supply chain from digging the ground to an aerosol bottle on a shop-floor shelf. Our potential clients include world’s leading mining and metals companies, distributors, end-users, financial institutions, associations and governments.

All information acquired during the project is confined to the client only. We work closely with our clients to develop customised solutions and provide practical strategic advice, which can help them in making the right strategic decision.

We have a broad network of contacts around the world allowing us to efficiently access markets and source reliable information in order to provide cost effective solutions to clients of all sizes and profiles. We speak more than 15 local languages. Almost all our staff is bilingual which give us a competitive edge when it comes to ascertaining the information.

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Data Intelligence and Analytics


We believe that relevant data lead to accurate analysis which further leads to confident decision making. To assist our clinets in achieving this goal we provide various tools.

We are entirely independent of any other organisation and provide proprietary information to clients.

Market Reports


All our market outlook reports are supervised and edited by senior consultants and above, as the services we offer shall aim to have a profound impact on our clients. Our analysts have worked on a variety of businesses at all levels and can provide the required skill and experience.

We aim to maintain a high quality in our market outlook reports. We also ensure that the quality of our research is not the opinion of one person. Therefore, we employ a rigorous and robust methodology which ensures the accuracy, repeatability and sustainability of information that is given to clients so that they can rely and depend on it.

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