About Us

Commodity Inside is an independent privately owned company providing market research, analysis, consulting and training to the commodities market.


We specialise in glass, metal, paper and plastic industries and their end-use sectors such as packaging, automotive and construction. We publish a range of thorough and highly analytical market analysis reports.


Our analysis is so unique and insightful that we believe that it will benefit our clients in their strategic planning. Our consultancy arm offers expertise to companies in these markets and helping them in making the right decisions.

Quality, reliability and independence

We are an independent and privately-owned company provide a completely unbiased market analysis of the global commodities market and end-use sectors. Our analyses are based on thorough and detailed dissection of all available information sources worldwide.


In addition to statistical databases, we use an extensive and invaluable network of our contacts across the world. We incorporate their views into our analysis. In addition, we also use sophisticated econometric models which give us unique insight into the future market trends. We believe that the robustness, depth, accuracy and expertise of our research and analysis are unrivalled.

What sets us apart?

  • Focus- Commodities (materials) and their major end users
  • Quality- Open and transparent methodology by employing both primary research and sophisticated quantitative models for market sizing and forecasts
  • Management- UK based management team
  • Editorial- UK based editorial team
  • Experience- Recognised and highly experienced analysts with real industry experience
  • Coverage- Global team of analysts and partners around the world

Our values

The core of our business model is our values. We make sure to embody our company values across all aspects of our business services. We believe that these are our values which define who we are as a company and what makes us distinctive.

  • Accurate and trusted source
  • Approachable
  • Believe in quality
  • Creative and innovative
  • Independent

Our strengths

  • Strong networks in our markets
  • Specialised expertise in commodities and end-use sectors
  • Highly skilled experts with degrees from world leading universities
  • Internationally recognised experts

Causes we support

We provide financial support to charitable causes and non-profit organisations selected by our employees. Every year we donate five per cent of our profit to help poor families. Our aim is to support poor and needy people in those areas where help is hard to reach, particularly in rural areas in developing countries. According to World Bank, “more than three-quarters of those living in extreme poverty are in rural areas and nearly two-thirds of the extremely poor earn a living from agriculture”.

Commodity Inside Limited is registered at UK Companies House. The company registration number is 09581128. The company VAT registration number is 222840923.

Our Clients

Some of our clients who have used our products.
FTSE 500 companies
FMCG companies
Raw materials suppliers
Trading companies etc
What our clients say about our products?
ManufacturerReport buyer
“Comprehensive analysis supported by extensive data sets.”
Investment company Consulting project
“Good analytical coverage on Africa and other smaller though important markets.”