Sample Research and Consulting Works

Steel Plate in Shipbuilding Industry

Market Analysis of Steel Plate for the Asian Shipbuilding Industry for a steel producer. Scope covered major shipbuilders, prices, grades, certification and analysis of import & exports.

Fabricated Steel

A Strategic Analysis for Setting up a Fabricated Steel Plant in the Middle East for a long steel company to explore the business potential of setting up a new fabrication plant and its effectiveness for some of the key construction markets.

Electric Vehicles

Strategic Analysis of Battery Electric Vehicle in Europe for a major tier-1 supplier covering demand and production, effective prices and costs analysis, market penetrations etc.

Aluminium Price Forecasts

Long-Term Aluminium Price Forecasts for a major aluminium buyer to help in hedging and bargaining.

Composites Market

Asian Composites Market Analysis for a major supplier of prepreg supplier to understand the key trends in the key consuming sectors such as wind energy, aerospace and automotive.

Disposable Packaging

Disposable Paper Food Packaging in Western Europe for a major supplier of paper producer, to assess the market size, value chain, costs, sourcing etc.

Metal Packaging

Analysis of the Metal Packaging Sector for a multinational FMCG company including a full assessment of global tinplate supply and demand, key trends, pricing and cost issues.

PET Bottels

PET Bottles Market Study for a private investment company trying to acquire a PET bottling company in Asia and then expanding the existing capacity.