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Why should you acquire our services for your consultancy works?

  • We are expert in providing business consultancy to a wide range of industries
  • Provide accurate and authoritative analysis
  • Deliver innovative, cost effective and timely solutions
  • Provide you exclusive and up-to-date insights to assist you in making the right decisions
  • Are you in the middle of making major decisions involving plastic, glass, paper or metals or its end-use sectors?

    Commodity inside provides exclusive and up-to-date insights to assist you in making the right decisions.


    Want to keep up-to-date with the market?

    Market Reports


    We publish market outlook reports for various commodities and end-use sectors.

    Robust and accurate forecasts are pivotal to our outlook reports. So, we employ both qualitative and econometric models for forecasts' robustness.

    We maintain an excellent relationship across the entire supply chain and incorporate their valuable insight in our analysis.

    Plastic Glass Metal Wood High-Tech Materials

    Recently Published

    The Global Aluminium Market Outlook to 2027

    China which is the key player in the aluminium market has been slashing its aluminium capacity to help stabilise the market as well as reduce pollution. It is estimated that China will cut around 3-4 million tonnes of aluminium capacity this year......

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    Upcoming Report

    A Strategic Outlook for the Global Autonomous Cars Market out to 2027

    Strategic Outlook for the Global Autonomous Cars Market out to 2027 is one of our upcoming reports in the automotive series. The report will give you deep insights about the industry which will help you...

    Read more

    Market Research and Consulting


    We offer market research and consulting service with an exclusive focus on commodities (metal, glass plastic and wood) and end users (automotive, construction and packaging).

    Why should you acquire our services?

    • Exclusive and accurate insights
    • Reliable market assessment
    • Cutting-edge information on market development
    • Access to our experts for further discussion

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    Market Insight

    Commodity Inside publishes a wide range of free market insights. These reports provide exclusive insightful information to professionals on current developments and future trends in their markets.

    For further details about our market insights, please Contact us.

    Our Latest Insight

    OBOR and the railway infrastructure market

    Date published: November, 2017
    The One Belt, One Road (OBOR) is the Chinese government global initiative to connect China with rest of the world through roads, railways, ports and gas pipelines.With the enormous potential investment of $900 billion.........
    Read our this latest Market Insight.

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