5G connected autonomous vehicle in New Zealand

13 March 2019

5G connected autonomous vehicle in New Zealand

(Asia Pacific): New Zealand’s Spark in partnership with Ohmio Automotion started the testing of the first 5G connected autonomous vehicle in New Zealand. The trials were carried out in Auckland.

Shanghai partners with MXC Foundation for blockchain applications

(Asia Pacific): Shanghai’s Yangpu district has formed a partnership with MXC Foundation, a German non-profit organisation. MXC will be responsible for the deployment of IoT standards as well as exploring blockchain technology for the smart city.

For the smart city, MXC Foundation will help Yangpu in the deployment of low power wide area network (LPWAN) protocol (used for the communication between IoT devices). The information collection process will be based on MXC’s Interchain Data Market which will process the city data.

The prototype can be booked through a tablet which then travels on specific routes. It has the maximum speed of 25km/h and has the capacity of four passengers. It uses LiDAR technology for monitoring its surroundings.


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