ADB signs contract with Baikonyr to support solar power in Kazakhstan

6 March 2019

Solar power in Kazakhstan to see growth as Baikonyr to add more capacity

(Asia Pacific): Solar power in Kazakhstan to see some developments in the coming years. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) to provide $11.5 million loans to support Baikonyr Solar LLP in developing a 50MW solar power plant in Kazakhstan. The power plant includes around 151 thousand PV panels with 14 central inverter station and a substation. Upon completion, it will add 73GWh of solar power in Kazakhstan annually. 


FPL ready to build new solar power plants in Florida

(North America): Florida Power and Light Company (FPL) set to construct four new solar power plants in various locations in Florida. Each solar plant would have a capacity of 74.5MW which would be enough to power 60K homes. Once completed in 2020, the plants would have a combined production capacity of 298 MW.


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