Bangladesh solar power sector to see a new 5GW addition

1 March 2019

A new MoU to support Bangladesh solar power industry

(Asia Pacific): Bangladesh Intraco Solar Power has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a UAE based Almaden Emirates Fortune Power (AEFP) for the development of a 5GW solar power plants in Bangladesh. This would significantly support Bangladesh solar power industry.

It will be financed by the Arab Investment Development Authority (AIDA) with a total investment of US$ 5 billion. The solar power plant will be powered by 14 million solar panels and is set to be completed over the next 6-8 years. It will be considered a major milestone for Bangladesh solar power market.


US prohibits the air transporting of lithium-ion batteries as cargo on passengers flights

(North America): The US Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration is to bar lithium-ion batteries in passenger aircraft as cargos. The new rule does not apply on passengers as they take electronics aboard aircraft.

In addition, the cargo companies cannot ship Li-ion batteries with more than a 30% charge. The main concern is to protect air passengers from possible dangers of Li-ion batteries as it can catch fire and explode when overheated.


Ireland increases gas and electricity prices by 4%

(Europe): Electric Ireland, the largest supplier of electricity, increases the price of gas and electricity by 4%.  The increase will cost its customers around €3.20 per month on average for electricity based on typical residential usage.

The hike is due to the constant rise in wholesale energy prices. The new price will be effective from 1st April.


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