Senators trying to block Huawei in the US solar power market

26 February 2019

Senators trying to block Huawei in the US solar power market

(North America): The US bipartisan group of 12 senators are putting pressure on Departments of Homeland Security and Energy to ban the use of Huawei solar inverters in the US. The pressure comes due to various security threats attached to solar inverters that convert solar energy to power and are used in power grids by US energy companies. However, Commodity Inside understands that unlike telecommunications, it is hard to justify a ban on Huawei in the US solar power market.


APS plans to install 950 MW of new battery storage

(North America): A US-based electric company, Arizona Public Service (APS), plans to add 850 MW of battery energy storage capacity to its solar power plants by 2025. It is also going to be a partner with AES to build 100 MW four-hour duration battery energy storage system (400 MWh) in the State.


Alinta Energy to construct Yandin Wind farm in Australia

(Asia-Pacific): Alinta Energy to build Yandin wind farm with installed capacity of 214 MW in Dandaragan, Australia. It will be comprised of 51 of 4.2 MW turbines to supply electricity to around 200k homes annually. The project is expected to be operational in 2020 with an investment of approximately $400 million.


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