BT is allowed to operate in China

30 January 2019

Latest Telecom Sector News

BT is allowed to operate in China

(Asia Pacific): BT has now been awarded VAS (value-added services) license by the Chinese authorities for two service categories IP-VPN and ISP. It already offers these services for more than a year in Shanghai, but now it is allowed to operate throughout the country. However, BT must have to operate through its local company BT China Communications Ltd, which has a 50% joint venture share by another Chinese firm.


OPPO makes the first 5G multiparty call

(Asia Pacific): OPPO has become the first to make a multiparty call over the 5G network. The call was made through WeChat (Chinese social media app) and six engineers from the OPPO’s different R&D institutions around the world participated. It also made a connection of 5G signalling and data links through phones last year.