Canada to impose tariffs on Vietnamese welded steel pipes

23 January 2019

Latest Steel Market News

CoolSys acquires Arjae HVAC and Mechanical Services 

(North America): California-based refrigeration and HVAC services company, CoolSys has acquired Arjae HVAC and Mechanical Services. Both companies specialise in HVAC installation, installation and services. Arjae also fabricates stainless steel besides other metals.


The European Union imposes 25% definitive safeguard duty on stainless steel imports

(Europe): The European Union has decided to impose a definitive safeguard duty of 25% on several steel products including stainless steel. Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and a few emerging countries remain exempted from duties. The duty will go into effect no later than 4th February 2019 and will remain effective until 16 July 2021.


MIDHCO starts an ingot plant in Iran

(Middle East): Bardsir Steel Making Plant started its ingot plant with a production capacity of 1 million tonnes/year. The project belonged to the Middle East Mines Industries Development Holding Company (MIDHCO) and completed in five years with an investment of $357 million.


Republic Steel resumes production

(North America): Republic Steel, a producer of special bar quality (SBQ) in the US, announced to restart production in its Lorain rolling mill in the 2nd quarter of 2019. The company invested around $12 million in the plant recently. The imposition of section-232 has also provided additional benefits to the company, by protecting it from cheap imports.

Nucor-Yamato Steel to be upgraded by SMS group

(Asia Pacific): SMS won the contract from Nucor-Yamato Steel Company (NYS) to upgrade its heavy section mill in the US. NYS has 2.4 million tonnes/year total steel production capacity. The upgrade is expected to be completed in the 2nd half of 2020.

Canada to impose tariffs on Vietnamese welded steel pipes

(North America): The Canada Border Services Agency finalised the decision related to the recent anti-dumping investigation on welded steel pipes imports from Vietnam. Duties are set at 4.9% for Hòa Phát Steel Pipe Company Ltd., 3% for SeAH Steel Vina Corporation and 26.1% for State Pipe and Supply Inc., while all others Vietnamese exporters would face 54.2% tariffs.