ConsenSys shortlisted startups for its blockchain accelerator program

2 April 2019

ConsenSys blockchain accelerator program

(North America): ConsenSys, a blockchain software technology company has shortlisted 10 startups for the second group of its blockchain accelerator program known as Tachyon.


The program will allow startups access to ConsenSys’ network. The aim is to make new solutions in the areas such as advanced encryption, AI & IoT solutions, data identity and privacy, decentralised finance, healthcare and insurance.


The startups includes Genomes (DNA data bank), Glimpse (protocol for self sovereign identity), LawCoin (finance investment platform), Ether Cards (entity making cryptocurrencies physical), IBISA (agriculture insurance), Blok-Z (blockchain startup), Sensor Link (blockchain startup and developer), Cypherock (provide security storage solutions for blockchain based digital assets), Sooho (smart contract and transaction security firm), and Linkdrop (blockchain startup).


New blockchain development kit launched by Filament

(North America): Filament has launched its new Blocklet Foundation Kit for hardware and embedded developers. This kit is focused on IoT (Internet of Things) and provide an opportunity to generate the transactions of IoT (working on blockchain) on devices and present the smart contract functionality.


Through the technology, the hardware, software and resources enabled by preconfigured Blocklet can be used either online or offline to present the machine-to-machine (M2M) transactions and smart contracts between devices on blockchain network.


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