Distributed Ledger Inc. and Ternio announce a JV

12 March 2019

Distributed Ledger Inc. and Ternio announce a partnership to form DLT Ventures LLC

(North America): Ternio, which is a provider of enterprise-level blockchain architecture and Distributed Ledger Inc. which focuses on blockchain technology and applications to make DLT Ventures LLC. The joint venture will focus on creating and deploying applications based on blockchain for sectors such as banking, media and telecom industries. It plans to focus on companies with annual revenue exceeds $50 billion. Moreover, according to the agreement the Distributed Ledger Inc. will provide its resource and development infrastructure while Ternio will provide its expertise in domain and scalable framework.


KT announce to provide a 5G network to voice control drone

(Asia Pacific): South Korea’s largest telephone company, KT, partnered with Woori Aviation Co.(a drone maker), Syncspace (which works on voice recognition solution) and state-owned power producer Korea Southern Power Co. to develop a smart drone based on artificial intelligence (AI). The drone would fly up to 100 Km/hr by voice commands. KT will provide its 5G network for the drone. In the testing stage, it will be used to monitor the safety of Korea Southern Power’s power plants. Later on, its applications will be expanded to other areas.


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