Eaton has developed efficient power inverters for EVs

17 January 2018

Latest Power Market News

Eaton has developed efficient power inverters for EVs

(Europe): Eaton developed compact power dense inverters for electric vehicles with a high power density of 35 kW/L with 98% operating efficiency which will induce electricity from the battery. It will be tested by a global automaker in the first quarter of 2019.

Kyrgyzstan’s SeverElectro announces a $96 million tender for power transformers

(Europe): Kyrgyzstan’s SeverElectro plans of buying 238 power transformers including 630/10 kVA or 630/6 kVA transformers. Most of the power transformers would be of smaller sizes consisting 400/10 kVA transformers, 250/10 kVA transformers, and 160/10 kVA transformers. The planned spending amount in the tender is $96 million.

Large scale substations to add additional power capacity in Wyoming

(North America): A joint venture Burns & McDonnell and Hitachi T&D Solutions is going to build two large-scale substations in Wyoming, US. These projects would be 500/230 kilovolt (kV) Aeolus, 500/345 kV Anticline substations. The JV will also upgrade an existing substation to provide added grid stability for the addition of more than 1,000MW new generation capacity. These projects are expected to be completed by the end of 2020.