Huawei and Microsoft partners with companies in mobile world congress

26 February 2019

Huawei and Microsoft signed partnership deals with other companies in mobile world congress 2019

(Europe): Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 was held at Barcelona and attended by major telecom companies. Among others, Huawei and Microsoft also participated in the event and made partnerships with several companies.


Huawei has signed a partnership deal with Indonesian telecom operator Telkomsel focused on developments of the company’s vision of Digital Indonesia. Huawei also made a partnership with Malaysian telecom operator Maxis to speed up 5G trials in Malaysia.


Microsoft has announced a partnership with Singtel to launch an IoT network based on AI, which will be made over Microsoft cloud platform Azure. Microsoft also strengthened its relationship with Telefónica by making another partnership focusing on using Azure and Azure AI platforms to create new and advance features for Telefónica global customer base and reshape its network for future use.


CISCO opens a technology development center in Singapore

(Asia): CISCO has opened its technology and development center in Singapore which will focus on emerging technologies such as blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) and cybersecurity. It will also propose different prototypes and exhibits the applications of new technologies in various industrial, public and educational contexts.


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