Kudelski launches blockchain security center

1 February 2019

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Kudelski launches blockchain security centre

(Europe): Kudelski Security (a cybersecurity division of Kudelski Group) has launched its Blockchain Security Centre (BSC) to provide various services and platform to help develop the technology and incorporate blockchain security for businesses. It will expand its cryptographic products suite, blockchain security service for companies and developer tools to support the blockchain ecosystem.

 Optus aims for 1,200 5G sites by Q1 2020

(Asia Pacific): Optus, an Australian based telecom company, has revealed its 5G deployment plan which aims to deploy the service in 1,200 sites by March 2020. Some of its sites have already deployed with the 5G service in partnership with Nokia. The 5G Home Broadband package would be offered at $70 which includes unlimited data with 50Mbps speed.