CSG first testing lab for blockchain technology

3 April 2019

CSG establishes its first testing lab for blockchain technology

(North America): CSG, a Business Support Systems (BSS) software and services provider, has launched its first testing lab for the development of blockchain technology in the wholesale Business Support Systems (BSS) industry.

The main focus of the lab is to provide blockchain base solutions for intercarrier settlements while also exploring its applications in the fields like roaming, trading and routing. The solution will help in reducing the time of contracts between operators, reduce cost and also reduce the time of financial agreements between operators.

The company will initially focus on the areas of inter-operator settlements like account blockchain, event record blockchain and agreement blockchain.


Pareteum wins $22 million contract

(North America): Pareteum, an international provider of mobile networking software and services, has won a $22 million contract for 36 months. Its client will use the Pareteum platform for the rapid expansion of its global connectivity product, based on digital currency, to consumers.

The customer is building a Wi-Fi sharing community based on the blockchain, where members will be provided with the opportunity of mining tokens by sharing their Wi-Fi.

The service was launched on 1 April 2019 as a part of the 36-month contract.

Furthermore, these services are provided by Pareteum’s customer through a mobile app which is embedded with the Pareteum based, global smart Wi-Fi network. The app is offering a single global Wi-Fi network which will eliminate numerous individual network agreements.

SK Telecom launches 34,000 5G base stations

(Asia Pacific): Sk Telecom has launched 34,000 5G base stations in South Korea which support downlinks up to 2.7 Gbps. According to the company at first, these stations will cover the most congested areas. The offered price plans include 8GB of data from KRW 55,000/month to 300 GB of data at KRW 125,000/month.

It plans to deploy 5g at subways and other key public areas by H2 2019.

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