Metso to supply large scale pellet plant to Tata Steel in India

18 January 2019

Latest Steel Market News

Indian steel production and consumption jumped

(Asia Pacific): Steel production in India increased by 4.5% to 97 million tonnes from April to December 2018 while consumption grew by 8.4% to 71 million tonnes in the same period, according to the Indian Steel Ministry.

Metso to supply large scale pellet plant to Tata Steel in India

(Asia Pacific): Metso won the contract to supply a large scale pallet plant to Tata Steel for its Kalinganagar operation in India. The new plant will be able to optimise fuel utilisation and production costs.

Sirjan to launch a new ingot production unit

(Asia Pacific): In Iran, a new steel ingot production facility is to start at the start of February 2019, in Sirjan, Kerman. Kerman province owns some major iron ore reserves and produces 50 million tonnes/year of ore and 10 million tonnes/year of steel annually.

Automotive production peaked in 2018

(Asia Pacific): Indonesia produced 1.34 million units of vehicles in 2018, increased by 9.83% compared to 2017, according to the data released by the Association of Indonesia Automotive Industries.

Translas moving into Canada

(North America): Translas, a European welding and fume extraction guns producer, has entered the Canadian market. Stainless steel is one of the applications of the company’s products.

Global Ferronickel aims for higher nickel ore shipment to China this year 

(Asia Pacific): The Philippines’ nickel ore mining company, Global Ferronickel Holdings Inc. is selling around one million wet metric tonnes of nickel ore to a Baosteel subsidiary and wants to explore the market further by selling to other major ore consumers. It aims to ship ~5.7 million wet metric tonnes of nickel ore to China in 2019.