Nissan and Opus to work used EV batteries

19 February 2019

Latest Power Market News

Nissan and Opus to work used EV batteries

(Europe): Nissan and camper manufacturer Opus to use second-hand EV batteries to provide off-grid power with new Nissan ROAM battery. It is made of lithium ion batteries delivering 700Wh of storage capacity and a power output of 1kW. It can supply power to 230v and 12v sockets and can be charged from the solar panel.

South Korea to develop commercial floating offshore wind

(Asia): South Korea’s state-owned Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC) and Norwegian Energy Company Equinor have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to develop commercial floating offshore wind in South Korea. The plan is to develop a 200 MW floating offshore wind field Ulsan City. The country aims to increase its market share of power generation from renewable energy to 20% by 2030.

Construction works on a power station in Texas has started

(North America): Entergy Texas started construction on 993-MW gas turbine combined cycle power plant in Texas with an investment of around $937million. Upon completion in 2021 it will be able to supply electricity to around 455k homes across 27 counties in Southeast Texas.

Texas to develop a mega energy storage system

(North America): West Texas solar farm is constructing the world’s biggest battery energy storage with a capacity of  495 MW in Texas for the under-construction solar farm. Once the projects are fully completed, the battery storage will reach 584 MW.

Morocco and Spain to build a third power interconnector

(Africa): Morocco and Spain to set up their third power link with a capacity of 700MW. Both countries already have two undersea links with a combined capacity of up to 1,400 MW. Since November 2018 Morocco’s electricity exports to Spain reached around 4.7GWh/day.