Samsung Galaxy S10 may introduce blockchain features

29 January 2019

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Samsung Galaxy S10 may introduce blockchain features

(Asia-Pacific): It is hinted that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 handset can spearhead to the blockchain technology. It may include a blockchain wallet app which would safely store cryptocurrencies. It is possible that the app may initially support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. Commodity Inside understands that Samsung is the world largest producer of handsets, and introducing blockchain related features would not only help its handsets sales but can support the blockchain market which is in a very nascent stage.


Microsoft to help Jordan in technology

(Middle East): Microsoft reached an agreement with Jordan (ICT ministry and the Crown Prince Foundation (CPF))to help them in the development of digital technology by using artificial intelligence (AI) as well as areas such as the Internet of Things and blockchain. These fields will be used to upgrade the country communication, cybersecurity and IT sectors.