Solar plant replaces coal power plant in Canada

4 April 2019

Solar plant replaces the largest coal power plant in Canada

(North America): The Canada Ontario Power Generation (OPG) in a joint venture with Sun Edison Canadian Construction and Six Nations Development Corporation has completed the replacement 44MW Nanticoke Generating Station with a solar plant. In 2013, the plant stopped operating and now replaced the solar plant, which includes around 192,431 solar panels.


Tesla builds a battery storage system for Osaka trains in Japan

(Asia-Pacific): Tesla in collaboration with large railway operator Kintetsu installed 42 lithium-ion batteries Powerpack system and inverters in Osaka, Japan. The system can provide backup power in case of emergency or power failure. The complex can supply enough power for a train to run approximately 30 minutes. It can deliver a power capacity 4.2MW/7MWh at one time.



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