Tata is making progress with blockchain

15 March 2019

Tata is making progress with blockchain

(Asia Pacific): India’s TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) announced the development of blockchain based solutions to support the adoption of blockchain across various industries. These solutions will be developed with the help of technologies from Microsoft (Microsoft Azure Blockchain Cloud) and R3 (R3’s Corda Enterprise blockchain platform).

TCS is focused on the digital identity, assets in common, track and trace, asset tokenisation and monetisation. These platforms will be used to develop scalable solutions on an industrial scale. Furthermore, it has been successfully deploying its blockchain based solution for organisations in the financial services sector known as Quartz Blockchain Solutions.


QLC Chain’s new blockchain development with 5G

(Asia Pacific): QLC Chain (a provider of decentralised Network-as-a-Service through public blockchain) to provide individuals and organisations with an opportunity to become a network service provider through integrations of mobile network resources and QLC ecosystem.

It is considered as the first public blockchain to facilitate with telecom services. Moreover, it also provides Cross Carrier Payment System (CCPS), security and billing services. It is now focused on more strengthening of its services through the addition of 5G network services. Some of its future planned developments include IPV6 P2P (internet protocol version 6, peer-to-peer) addressing functions and, authorisation and identity authentication solutions for network access.


PeerStream joins ElevenPaths and Rivetz

(Europe): PeerStream (a developer of decentralised technologies for multimedia social apps and business communication) has joined the cybersecurity partnership between ElevenPaths (a cybersecurity wing of Telefonica) and Rivetz (infrastructure provider for cybersecurity). They will focus on the development of factors like security and privacy protection regarding enterprise communications and applications.

The main aim of this partnership is the integration between Backchannel and Dual Roots of Trust to increase the security regarding identity and authentication mechanism, of Dual Roots of Trust platform. It will be used in various use cases for enterprise clients and customers, and mobile users.


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