Tech Mahindra partnered with TBCASoft for various blockchain applications

28 February 2019

Tech Mahindra partnered with TBCASoft to work on various blockchain applications

(Asia Pacific): India’s Tech Mahindra forms a partnership with TBCASoft, a US-based blockchain start-up company which focused on various applications in blockchain and a leading member of Carrier Blockchain Study Group (CBSG).

The partnership will work on the transformation of blockchain in various services including management of contracts, taxing and billing of roaming services, supply chain management, transactions through mobiles and identity management for its customers around the world.


Cryptoexahnge Gemini joins BT cloud platform

(Europe): Gemini Trust LLC (Gemini) forms a partnership with the UK BT Group Plc which allow Gemini to join the BT’s Radianz Cloud. By joining Radianz Cloud Gemini will get access to a global community of leading companies and receive various opportunities to expand its business by further collaboration with institutions and firms.