Volkswagen and AWS partners for industrial clouds

29 March 2019

Volkswagen and AWS partners for industrial clouds

(Europe): Volkswagen and AWS (Amazon Web Service) have signed a multi-year partnership for the development of VW Industrial Cloud. The cloud is considered to be a digital production platform for industries and will be used to manage and unite automaker’s supply chain and manufacturing plants. It will integrate data of more than 1,500 partners and 122 manufacturing facilities from around 30,000 locations.


The partnership will also provide an opportunity for Volkswagen regarding the use of AWS’s IoT services and cloud computing for increasing facilities efficiency and improvement in vehicles quality and production flexibility.


Telia Company has won frequency bands in Denmark’s new auction

(Europe): Telia Company through its TT Network (owned jointly by Telia Company and Telenor) got frequency in 700 and 900 MHz bands in Denmark’s newly concluded auction for mobile frequencies. It has access to 2×5 MHz in the 700 MHz band and 2×10 MHz in 900 MHz band. The license period for the 700 MHz band is 20 years and 15 years for 900 MHz band.


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