ZTE and China Unicom claims to make the world’s first end-to-end 5G call

22 January 2019

Latest Telecom Sector News

Sony moves its European headquarter to the Netherlands

(Europe): Sony, a Japanese company, plans to move its headquarter from the UK to Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. The process will be completed at the end of the Company’s fiscal year which is 29 March 2019. The shift will not affect the jobs as it will keep the UK office open.


ZTE and China Unicom claims to make the world’s first end-to-end 5G call

(Asia Pacific): ZTE and China Unicom conducted the first 5G end-to-end call by using the ZTE infrastructure including end-to-end 5G solutions, radio access network, core and transport network, and 5G prototype smartphone. The call accomplished various tasks such as transferring voice and data traffic as well as online video streaming and chat.


Canada reiterates not to compromise its security around 5G over the Huawei spy claims

(North America): Canada’s Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale stated that they are looking at all the issues regarding 5G and the supply chain involved in providing 5G services. Canada will not compromise its security and will fully assess the situation before the ban on Huwaei. He did not mention the exact time for the decision.


AT&T discloses its 5G business plan

(North America): AT&T plans to roll out its 5G network throughout the US by 2020. It is already providing the 5G services in 12 US cities. It will also allow fibre-based connectivity and LTE to work in line with 5G solutions.