Filament joined Enterprise Etherium Alliance (EEA)

20 March 2019

Filament has now joined Enterprise Etherium Alliance (EEA)

(North America): Filament, a US-based blockchain solution provider for enterprise and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has become a member of Enterprise Etherium Alliance (EEA). The alliance focus on the use of Ethereum blockchain technology as an open standard to empower all enterprises to improve their deployments regarding enterprise blockchains.

The main purpose of joining is to work with industry leaders that are already present in the Etherium Alliance and to make advancements in its blockchain platform using Ethereum-based technology. Furthermore, Filament had also joined Hyperledger, which is the open source effort of Linux foundation and focused towards cross-industry blockchain technologies.

Huawei to upgrade its cloud service in Hongkong

(Asia Pacific): Huawei has announced to upgrade Huwaei cloud with blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) services. The company will also present its intelligence full-stack AI, which consist of 48 services like optical character recognition, video analysis, AI developer platform ModelArts, natural language processing and much more.


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