Steel production in Japan has declined but demand stable

25 February 2019

Crude steel production in Japan reached ten years low in January

(Asia Pacific): Japanese crude steel production in January decreased by 9.8% year-on-year and fell 3.8% month-on-month to 8.14 million tonnes, the lowest since July 2009, according to data released by Japan Iron & Steel Federation (JISF). The supply side issues were responsible for lower steel production rather than weak demand. This was mainly due to JFE blast furnaces issues as reported by Commodity Inside earlier.


Ghana to construct 5,000 steel bridges to strengthen its infrastructure

(Africa): Ghana announced to construct around 5,000 steel bridges throughout the country to boost local economic activities countrywide. The initiative will be taken with the help of its armed forces’ engineers regiment.  It is assessed that Ghana will import 200 components of steel bridges from the Czech Republic to refurbish bridges.

Commodity Inside understands that the Ghana steel industry is highly underdeveloped with local EAF producers are operating with small steel capacity, where Tema is leading the market. This initiative will help steel demand in Ghana.


Daye Special Steel signs an up-gradation contact with SMS group

(Asia Pacific): China’s Daye Special Steel Co Ltd signed a contract with SMS group for the upgrading of its 75 tonnes EAF at its facility in Xinyegan, China. The project will modify the bottom of the furnace with installations of pin-type bottom electrodes to reduce deflection in the furnace which would lead to reduce operating costs and increase production. The up-gradation is expected to be completed this year.


Iran iron ore concentrate exports reached 5.55 million tonnes

(Middle East): Iran’s iron ore concentrate exports reached 5.55 million tonnes worth of $398 million, during the first ten months of Iranian financial year from 21 March 2018, to 20 January 2019. Commodity Inside has learned this from the data released by the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA). Meanwhile, Iran also exported iron ore worth $203 million during this period.


A rocket engine is manufactured with 3D printing and using stainless steel

(Europe): European Space Agency (ESA) tested its (Biergoler Raumttransportaengine) BERTA rocket engine on 18 February. The rocket engine is completely manufactured with 3D printing technology and used stainless steel for its combustion chamber.


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