NDC announce to form blockchain alliance

27 March 2019

NDC announce to form blockchain alliance

(Asia Pacific): Taiwan’s National Development Council (NDC) has announced to form a blockchain alliance within three months. Furthermore, earlier this month Taiwan also announced the development of a new mechanism for fundraising which will be based on security token offerings (STOs).


Sony and DOCOMO to work on driverless technology

(Asia Pacific): Japan’s Sony and DOCOMO has made a partnership to work on a conceptual driverless vehicle jointly. The car (which is conceptual) known as SC-1, will use the 5G network for several remote functions. The trials will be held in DOCOMO 5G Open Lab Guam.


The EU to introduce a strategy for 5G security

(Europe): The EU announced a broader strategy for the security of 5G networks regarding cyber attacks. The members’ countries will report by 15 July 2019 about risk assessments about the security of 5G network infrastructure in their respective countries. The EU will finalise its measures for 5G (like supplier testing and certification requirements) by the end of the year which all countries would comply. Furthermore, countries still have the right to ban companies from their 5G infrastructure under national security reasons.

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