Rise in hacking of IoT devices and cryptocurrency networks in Japan

8 March 2019

In Japan, hacking of IoT devices and cryptocurrency networks are rising

(Asia Pacific): Hacking of IoT devices and cryptocurrency networks has become approximately doubled, according to Japan’s local media reports. The data from the Japanese Police Agency shows that the average daily intrusions reached 2,752.8 per sensor in 2018, which increased by 45% from 2017. All of these attacks were shown conducted from abroad. This is likely to be done through bouncing IP’s or through diverted IP’s. The countries from where the attacks were shown originated included:  Ukraine (5.1%), Russia (20.8%), China (14.1%), Netherlands (6%), US (12.6%) and Japan (1.6%) itself.


CTIA first certification approved

(North America): Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), which is a trade association representing the US wireless communications industry, announced its first certification under its Internet of Things (IoT) Cybersecurity Device Program. The certification is received by the AT&T device known as HARMAN Spark. It is a plug-in device which converts any car manufactured after 1996 into a connected car). Hacking IoT devices are on the rise due to M2M and connected devices.


A partnership between DuPont and U First Capital

(North America): DuPont Electronics & Imaging and U First Capital has formed a partnership to explore investment opportunities in artificial intelligence startups and Internet of Things (IoT). This partnership is in line with what U First calls “venture capital-as-a-service”.


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