T-Mobile announced LTE trials for home internet

22 March 2019

T-Mobile announced trials for home internet

(North America): T-Mobile announced its testing of home internet through its LTE network. It has started a pilot project program called T-Mobile Home Internet program.

The project will be trialled in specific areas where the company can cover enough houses with a download speed of approximately 50 Mbps. It offers the service at the cost of $50 per month and also with AutoPay and no data caps.

Furthermore, it also provides the device (a home router to get connected with the LTE tower of the service provider and then distribute data through WiFi connection or Ethernet connection) without monthly leasing fees.


Airgain presents new 5G antennas solution

(North America): Airgain (a provider of advanced antenna technologies) introduced a solution of 5G antennas which will help in the high performance of the 5G network. These antennas will help customers to be able, to connect with new 5G NR (Next Generation Radio) bands (like sub-6GHz NR bands) and facilitate with high performance. Through these antennas customers can add 5G support to their small cells, gateways, access points, and end user devices.


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