Peru longs steel industry to see capacity additions

6 March 2019

Peru long steel industry to be supported by a new billet caster from SMS

(Central and South America): A Peruvian based steel producer, Corporación Aceros Arequipa S.A. (CAASA), has ordered a six strand billet caster from SMS group for its new steel mill. The plant is expected to start production by 2020 with an annual capacity of 120k tonnes. We expect that this will support Peru longs steel production and reduce steel imports.

China’s leading steelmaking city Tangshan extends smog alert

(Asia Pacific): Tangshan city, a major steel producer in China, has extended the Level 1 smog alert which was set to be terminated on 6th of March. The alert has been in place since 1st March and will continue until further notice. During the alert period, steel mills in Tangshan city, required to cut production by 40 to 70%, depending on their respective emissions levels.

Gestamp plans $48 million expansion 

(North America): Gestamp, a stamped steel parts supplier to Volkswagen in the US is seeking city tax in return of its mega expansion plans. It is planning a $48 million expansion project at its plant in Chattanooga, US.

GM to close production at White Marsh plant

(North America): General Motors disclosed the shutdown plan for the production at White Marsh facility. The company will idle operations at the plant by 4th May and would displace 296 workers.


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